Paper. Pencil. Pen
Art Installation

About the work

Traditional idea-generation process starts with the habitual brainstorming tools. Paper. Pencil. Pen.

We engage in a purposeful, calibrated combination of these tools to construct a concept. The paper fibres absorb our thoughts laid in ink and reflect our vision outlined in graphite.

Following this trajectory did not work for me this time. Having used these steps to initiate every one of my projects, I realised an embedded flaw in this familiar process.

It was an unmindful exploitation of tools that each have a potential of their own. Paper, pencil, pen – abused by human ingenuity and enslaved into being carriers of knowledge and ideation. Unregarded as raw matter, that is sufficient enough to be the idea.

I made it my idea. The content is the matter.

PPP is an experiment over the medium [and the medium only] to present formal visualisations of the infinite possibilities it possesses.

PPP is a grateful acknowledgement of the tools that were always used, but never celebrated. I invite you to join the celebration.